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Reasonable Bail Reforms for a Safe Society

10 Oppositions to Sec 28 of SB 18
An Act Concerning a Second Chance Society

  1. Thorough Bail Study has not been Conducted. The Sentencing Commission was tasked to conduct a study of “Connecticut’s current bail bond system and the possibility of its reform” and provide recommendations but that study was never conducted and recommendations were never made.  SB 18 was proposed without a conscientious and responsible study and is not in the best interest of society.
  2. 10% Cash Bail Regulation is Unfair to the Poor – By leaving the poor and indigent in jail unable to make bail, the 10% Cash Bail proposal is cruel and unjust, disparately impacting the most vulnerable citizens in our society. Bail Bond Companies currently take a third of the 10% or often 7% cash bond and provide financing.   SB-18 eliminates the least expensive bail option for the poor.
  3. Failure to Appear in Court will Skyrocket. In 2015, of the people who failed to appear in court, those who released on a promise to appear (PTA) were returned to the courts only 43% of the time, while those released on bail were returned to the courts 85% of the time.
  4. Criminals rewarded as Victims are ignored. SB-18 creates a fund that pays for the accused’s legal defense with complete disregard for the victim. Funds will be used for fines, fees and court costs of the accused if not forfeited to the defense fund.
  5. Victims will be Denied Justice.  When 57% of those accused who do not return to court are left on the run, victims of crime and society are denied justice and restitution.
  6. Detrimental to Public Safety. In 2015, 57% those who were granted a Promise to Appear in Court and who failed to appear remain fugitives.  SB 18 has no mechanism to track down or bring fugitives to justice.
  7. Increased Danger to Police Officers and Unduly Taxes their Resources. As the number of fugitives increases, so does the risk to our police officers.  Officers will face greater danger resulting from an increase in high speed pursuits and an increase in physical confrontation. SB-18 does not take into consideration the impact its bail reform will have on State and local departments.  The burden that Fugitive Recovery will place on police resources has not been determined.  Police Departments presently are not staffed, trained or equipped to perform this service.
  8. Staggering Cost to the Taxpayer.  The estimated cost of SB 18 will exceed $100 million. Currently Bail Agent’s cost the taxpayer nothing and produce millions of dollars in state revenue.
  9. Increased Burden on the Courts. In eliminating the private Bail Bond Fugitive Recovery system that currently costs the state nothing and will be replaced by nothing, criminals will remain in the community until they reoffend.  Repeated failure to appears and criminal recidivism will increase and the cost of this burden on our court system has not been analyzed.
  10. Loss of 91 small Connecticut businesses and 1,000+ jobs in a crippled economy.  SB 18, as currently proposed shuts down 91 small businesses and places over 1,000 citizens out of work throughout the state.
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